Augie’s shuts down of COVID-19 heartbroken.

I am beyond devastated. After reading the news about Augie’s coffee House. That was my first gig. I feel terrible, for all the employees. For all the people who made it happen. I was there for the “10 year anniversary” I wanted to be there the next 10 years. This virus is unpredictable. It is destroying everyone’s lives.  Augie’s was more than a coffee house. It was a community. Like minded people who have love and passion for coffee and for community. I feel bad for everyone involved. I know this family, I helped with the bar in Claremont, I played my very first gig with Brian in the red brick building in downtown Redlands. I did constant shout outs and marketing to help them. (Just to be nice. As a friend) I am so beyond heartbroken I’m so sorry for everybody. #IamAugie