Square Space is awful!

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Hey Everyone!

Recently, I volunteered to help a friends website. She wanted me to use Square Space. For her website. I decided to help her. Because, I’m a big fan. I am very confused how to use Square Space. I don’t like it. Like how I Love WordPress. Here are the reasons why.


Very tedious. I can’t go into PHP,HTML or any code to fix an issue.


It’s really confusing to understand like WordPress. The menus are too minimal looking and very confusing to understand. Whereas word press makes it easier to understand.


You don’t get enough themes like WordPress. It’s very bland it’s all pictures. There is no creative edge whatsoever, positioning videos,photos and the like. Are annoying compared to WordPress. Its too blocky.

I can think of so many other things of why I love WordPress more than anything else. I can’t imagine using anything but, WordPress.

I’ll continue to help her. But, this is a very difficult job.