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Solar Eclipse 2017 21st of August

Save the date! This will be the best stellar solar eclipse ever! remember to wear solar glasses. If you plan to watch the eclipse. It's not safe to stare at the sun.

Pictures will be posted on the blog.

Stars and space is the reason for the designs of Elegant Projects. We're obsessed with astronomy. Let's go into the sun!


Reverbnation is terrible for artists!

Reverbnation is one of those websites. “if you’re an artist. put your music on it” don’t! seriously! here is why.

  1. I don’t like the website it’s way too clunky. I don’t like how pictures are shown more than music.
  2. 2017 and they only accept .MP3! what the hell? no AIFF uncompressed files? no .WAV?
  3. constant advertising to lure you into services. which I have used and not helpful.
  4. free users can only upload small songs. I was only able to post one.
  5. pages for facebook never works! I have tried everything I can think of and it never syncs!

so, don’t waste your time. use Soundcloud,Bandcamp etc…