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11 Jun 2018

People Misunderstand Depression for Sadness.

As a person with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) I can tell you Depression is more than sadness. the best way I describe it. is a constant pounding of rain with grey sky’s. where the rain cuts like shards of glass to the skin. where you must run to get away from it. some days it hurts less. some days it hurts more. but, you’re always running from the painful storm. I am saddened by the loss of Kate Spade and […]

09 May 2018

Augie’s is being evicted from Downtown Redlands. shameful!

Hey Everyone!     I am making this blog post. because, I am a musician. I also know the owners. of this wonderful coffee shop in Downtown Redlands. such a staple of community and friendliness you won’t get in other places. I had my very first gig there. with my friend Brian. who was also in a band called “The Swiss Alps” he’s a brilliant,fantastic singer and guitar player. I miss him very much. back to the story. we became […]