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06 Oct 2018

The emotional distress of sexual assault

Last year some time in September. I dated one of my best friends friend. I was so desperate and lonely never had a girlfriend. I was a virgin as well. In the beginning it was awkward. Didn’t know what to say. It was an okay first date. Then we go drinking. The entire time. I’m worried about my best friend with her depression because, I haven’t heard from her in days. She writes this girl we will call “Beth” Beth […]

09 Jul 2018

People Need Compassion Towards The Mentally Ill.

As a person with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) Anxiety,other health issues. I have noticed my closest friends that I reach out too. are mad at me for just being depressed. they seem to not understand my issues and when I talk to them of my feelings. I am shunned,blocked on social media and I no longer can text or call my friends. just because, someone has these issues. doesn’t give one the right to block the people they claim they […]