Remembering Augie’s Coffee House

The shut down of Augie’s is disheartening. over 50 employees lost their jobs, as well as business owners, have lost theirs. the Amento’s are a great family. I have known them my entire life. I will continue to support them for many more years to come. I went to Austin’s wedding. In the red brick building at the first Augie’s location. my first gig was at Augie’s I played the piano. as Brian played guitar. in the red brick building downtown. I do not believe for one second the allegations against Augie’s Austin has one of the greatest hearts on this earth. he’s my dear friend. I am outraged by the allegations against this family. I will always support this family. remember, they’re two sides to every story. don’t listen to only one side. listen to both sides and then make up what you think in your own mind. also, facts go a long way too.



Augie’s shuts down of COVID-19 heartbroken.

I am beyond devastated. After reading the news about Augie’s coffee House. That was my first gig. I feel terrible, for all the employees. For all the people who made it happen. I was there for the “10 year anniversary” I wanted to be there the next 10 years. This virus is unpredictable. It is destroying everyone’s lives.  Augie’s was more than a coffee house. It was a community. Like minded people who have love and passion for coffee and for community. I feel bad for everyone involved. I know this family, I helped with the bar in Claremont, I played my very first gig with Brian in the red brick building in downtown Redlands. I did constant shout outs and marketing to help them. (Just to be nice. As a friend) I am so beyond heartbroken I’m so sorry for everybody. #IamAugie